How to Play PES 2020 Mobile – PES 20 Mobile Guide

In this article we’re going to share steps to play the latest pes 20 mobile game this guide will help you to playing in pro evolution 2020 mobile game. So let’s don’t waste time and dig-in!

Step-by-step Guide to Play PES 2020 Mobile Game

  1. First Open the Play Store and search efootball PES2020. Click on install and launch the game. TAP > OK to Enable storage access.
  2. TAP >allow to access media files on your device. IMAGE. Select your language.
  3. Select your country\Region of residence
  4. Now the PES2020 Title screen will appear TAP anywhere on the screen.
  5. Accept the Terms of Use, Virtual Currency Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  6. Then set your Video Quality and TAP on NEXT.
  7. Choose your controls from CLASSIC and ADVANCE.
  8. TAP on NEXT if you want to learn basic controls and play an Exhibition match or TAP on SKIP if you don’t want to play a match as well as don’t want to learn basic controls.
  9. Then select your BASE team from different leagues
  10. Write the owner name, It can also be changed later.
  11. Edit your club details
    1. Owner information >Owner Name: >Nationality:
    2. Team Information >Model Team: >Team Name: >Abbreviation: >Home Stadium: >Home Town: TAP on NEXT
  12. Default players will appear on screen TAP on NEXT.
  13. Collect your day 1 reward and TAP NEXT.
  14. TAP on OKAY to go through the basics of how to play myCLUB.
  15. Then TAP OKAY to make your way to CONTRACT> SCOUTS IMAGE >TAP on contract >TAP on scouts
  16. >TAP OKAY again to sign a scout
  18. And you will get a player from SCOUT.
  19. TAP OKAY to make your way to CONTRACT> AGENT IMAGE > TAP on regular box
  20. >TAP OKAY to sign a player of your favourite position and you will get 3 players from ( BLACK, GOLD and SIlver BAllS)
  21. >Your first contract is for FREE.
  22. TAP OKAY to make your way to clubHOUSE>Squad Management
  23. >TAP OKAY to rearrange the players assigned to your squad
  25. Then TAP OKAY to make your way to Club House>MYteam
  26. >TAP OKAY to convert a player into a trainer
  27. >Select a player TAP on continue and it’s done.
  28. TAP OKAY to use your converted player to train a player
  29. >TAP on player>TAP training>TAP on proceed
  30. Now you are ready to create your own team and battle >TAP OKAY.

That’s it, now you know the basics of pes 20 mobile game now you can rock in the game, incase if you’re looking for shortcut then you should try our online PES 20 Mobile Hack to get instant resources. It’s fast, secure and super-easy to use.

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